Who are you, Ana V. Martins?

Ana V. Martins is a multi-passionate content wizard who writes and vlogs. Portuguese roots, Amsterdammer at heart. Into art, feelings, green, conscious everything. Mesmerized by my third decade of existence in this exquisite world.



What’s this space about?

This is a space of self-inquiry, where I examine my journey as a creative who does different things and likes it that way (they call us multipotentialites.) How do you thread your way through a path that is not yet laid out for you? This is a safe space for the hard questions, the inevitable truths, and for (re)imagining and co-creating what can be. I’ll be putting my stories to the service of whoever chooses to read them. It is my wish that these words bring warmth and a spark to those who read them, that they help illuminate whatever road less traveled they might be on.